Play Master System games on the SNES


snes and mastersystem

Remember the days of when you needed a Sega Master System console or a Sega Master System converter for the Mega Drive to play Master System games. Without having these it was impossible to play them. Well now it is possible to play the Sega Master games on your Super Nintendo. That’s right you have read correctly, you can play Sega Master System games on the Super Nintendo console. I never thought I would see the day. I will explain what you will need in order for this to work.

There are four things you will need:

Super Nintendo console

RetroGen Adapter

Sega Master System converter for the Mega Drive

Sega Master System game

Insert the RetroGen adapter into the cartridge slot of the SNES. On the top of the adapter is a cartridge slot.

Insert the Sega Master System converter on top of the RetroGen adapter and then insert the Master System game into the converter.

Once you have done all that just relax and enjoy playing Master System games on the SNES. 😉

The SNES control pad is used as the Master system Control pad. The only thing is that you cannot pause the game using the control pad. On the converter it has the Pause button, so you will need to go to the converter to pause the game.

I have tried Alex Kidd in Miracle Word and Sonic the Hedgehog. I have to say that the sound and video quality is excellent and I think it is better than playing it on the original console.

The downside to it is that you cannot use the Maser System control pad.

If you’re into your retro gaming then I would say this is worth getting as you can play multiple consoles on the Super Nintendo.

The two rival companies of the 90s have finally joined forces. 😉

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