Sonic The Hedgehog



It was 1990 something when I first played sonic the hedgehog on the Sega Master System. I can remember looking at cover and thinking this must be a cool game.  On the cover it had this cool looking blue hedgehog with red and white shoes and what looked like a bit of green hill zone in the background.  At the back of the cover it had screenshots of the game. I couldn’t wait to play it.
At this time Sonic was the new mascot for Sega.

When I switched it on I heard the title screen intro and it sounded awesome.


The game play was similar to Alex Kidd. It was a platform game, going through different levels. Instead of punching the bad guys like in Alex Kidd you would jump on them. Also you would collect coins and if a bad guy gave you a hit all of your coins will go and if you had zero coins and the bad guy hits you, you will lose a life. So in sonic you had two chances instead of one like Alex Kidd.
For a master system game the soundtrack was pretty good. I liked the Bridge zone theme.



On the third level of every zone you would have to beat the boss Robotnik.



I enjoyed playing this game as it was unique and straight forward, going from A to B. At the time it was the first sonic the hedgehog game that came out. Also the bonus stages were like a pinball machine, bouncing around everywhere.

The game was short only 17 levels so you could complete it within the hour.
It’s one of those games that you can play over and over again, which I still do.

If you haven’t checked out the master system version I suggest you should.

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