Street Fighter 2 The World Warrior


In the early 90s Street fighter 2 The World Warrior hit the arcade machines. This game changed the fighting game genre and till this day I think this is one of the best Street fighter games and still play it till this day.

My local chicken shop had the street fighter 2 arcade machine and use play it with my older brother. I could never do the moves and always lose. I was always player 2 for some reason. Till this day I never knew why that was.
In 1992 Street Fighter 2 came out on the Super Nintendo. This put Nintendo on the map. Street Fighter 2 was only available for Super Nintendo. This meant that anyone with a Sega Mega Drive had to buy a Super Nintendo to play the game.
There was a poster that came out saying ‘Street Fighter 2…Sega owners dream on’.
In 1993 my dream came true. One evening my brother and sister came home with a box in their hand. On that box it had the artwork of Street Fighter 2 the world warrior and an image of the Super Nintendo with one controller. Having owning this meant no more going to the local chicken shop to play. This also meant that I can now play it my comfort of my own house for free and have infinity continues. No need to insert coins.
My brother would borrow one controller of his mate so we could vs each other on street fighter but then eventually my brother brought one.
My brother would always be player 1 and I would always be player 2, still don’t know why that was.
Before going to the VS battle my brother would go to the option menu and change the button config on his controller and do the same to mine.

The button config would go like this and I still use this till this day.


After this we would VS each other. On the first match I would pick Ryu and my brother would pick be Ken. I never knew any moves. All I would do is just kick, punch and throw. My brother would come out with the hadoken’s, dragon punch and hurricane kicks. I would get beaten badly.


The thing is I wouldn’t give up. I would always try and beat up but it wouldn’t work. Sometimes I would get near the end thinking I will beat my brother but then somehow he will beat me with some special move.
One day my brother discovered a cheat where you can be the same character. At that time this was a big thing. Without the cheat it was impossible to be the same character.

At the Capcom logo on player 1 controller press Down,R,Up,L,Y,B and you hear a sound to confirm the cheat has been entered. Also another way to confirm the cheat was entered is that the background would turn blue.


To see the alternative colour you would need to press start on the controller.

For some reason I use to think that Ryu in the blue karate suit was stronger than the white karate suit.


My brother would teach me the moves of the street fighter characters and throughout time I got better and better. Finally I gave my brother a challenge. Instead of him winning all the time I would sometimes win.
Also we use to have something called a hadoken match. The rules were that you can only do hadoken in the match no other moves were allowed. Sometimes the match will end because of time or the opponent was knocked out with the hadoken’s. This was fun as you could practice your hadoken skills.


After street fighter 2 I still carried on playing street fighter on the PlayStation and still play till this day where as my brother stopped playing it.
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