Super Mario World (PAL) and Super Mario World (NTSC-J)

When I was a kid I use to think that the NTSC-J version was better than PAL. The reason for this was the artwork of the label on the cartridges looked some much better then PAL.

Let see if my thinking was true. I have compared Super Mario World (PAL) and Super Mario World (NTSC-J)

Let’s start with the cartridges

On the left hand Side is PAL and on the right hand side is NTSC-J. Out of the two I prefer the PAL version as I like the blue background and Mario stands out with the cape. Whereas the NTSC-J version you will need to look close up to see Mario and also just uses one colour for the whole label.

I noticed that on the NTSC-J cartridge it says Super Mario Bros 4, Super Mario World. This was an indication that this was the fourth game in the Mario Bros series.

Let’s take a look at the title screens


On the left hand side is the PAL version and on the right hand side is the NTSC-J version.

The style of the titles are different. The NTSC-J uses a shadow effect on the title Super Mario World whereas the PAL version does not. The words TM are different on both versions. I prefer the NTSC-J version as I like the Shadow effect on the title screen.

Let’s take a look at the name of the Last boss


On the left and side is PAL and on the right side is NTSC-J. On the PAL the last boss was known and Bowser and on the NTSC-J version the last boss was known as Koopa.

Both of the maps look the same. The reason why the NTSC-J has a different colour is because I have completed the game.

On the NTSC-J I found out that Yoshi can eat Dolphins, which I found interesting because on the PAL he can’t eat Dolphins. Also on the NTSC-J version once you completed a castle level you cannot go back to it. I know on the PAL version you can go back to it if you press L+R together.


Overall there both as good as each other and the game play is the same.

Which version do you think is better?

Let me know I would like to know what you think.

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Thanks for reading